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Crowdsourcing Location Estimation Demo

A Location Estimation Tutorial

The following scenario is based on the tutorial we developed for crowdsourced Amazon Turk workers.

This very brief video seems difficult to place at first, as there are no tags or other obvious indicators of location associated with it, and there is no overlaid text informing the viewer where it was filmed.

However, there is a neon sign in the background saying “City Market Building”.

A Google search on ‘City Market Building’ yields as the first result The City Market in downtown Roanoke, VA. The search results also include images that clearly depict the building we saw in the clip, with titles like “Roanoke City Market Building”, confirming that Roanoke’s is the City Market we are looking for.

Conveniently, when given the name of a recognized landmark, Google also provides a map with a pointer. We have successfully found the location of the video!