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Our Research in the News

The Berkeley Multimodal Location Estimation Project

Our work on location estimation was featured by a leading industry news source:

Cybercasing/Global Inference & Online Privacy

Our work on cybercasing, or using GPS-tagged or localizable images to infer the current location of a person or a valuable object, has been featured in major national news outlets:

Joke-O-Mat and the Meeting Diarist

Our video-navigation interfaces, Joke-O-Mat and the Meeting Diarist, got coverage when they were demonstrated at an Intel R&D day:

SMASH/Scalable Big Data Analysis

Our work with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories to process Yahoo’s Yahoo Flickr Creative Commons 100 Million (YFCC100M) dataset made the news:

Teaching Privacy

The first educational app we produced for the Teaching Privacy project, “Ready or Not?“, has been generating a lot of buzz: