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Meeting Dominance Estimation Demo

This video compares different methods for estimating the total speaking time for each speaker, in order to estimate who is the most dominant person in a meeting.

The topmost graph shows the speaker segmentation and speaking-time measurement using a single microphone in the middle of the table, with the segmentation performed by our speaker diarization system on that single recording. The middle graph shows the segmentation and speaking-time measurement using the threshold activation for each persons’ individual microphone.

The bar graphs on the bottom left show the cumulative estimates of the most dominant speaker using different experimental strategies: Experiment 1 and Experiment 2 were performed using two different variants of the speaker diarization system, on a single audio recording only, and Experiment 3 combined diarization with activation data from individual microphones. The bar graphs in the bottom right show the ground truth speaking length according to the segmentations for each speaker.