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The Meeting Diarist

The Meeting Diarist

The Meeting Diarist is a tool that automatically generates a “diary” of a meeting based on recordings of the event.

Speech recognition and speaker clustering are performed automatically, then each cluster is (manually) keyed to an image of a participant. The tool then allows a user to navigate through the contributions of particular participants or to search the dialogue by keyword. Having such an interface allows a user to save time by listening to just the parts of the recording they are most interested in.

The Meeting Diarist leverages ICSI’s state-of-the-art parallelized speaker diarization and speech recognition technology, as well as our award-winning multimedia navigation interface (originally developed for the Joke-O-Mat sitcom browser). The diarized transcript can also be used in other applications, such as automatic summarizers.

The Diarist demonstrates the practical benefits of the efficiency gained by parallelizing speech processing; in particular, it shows how being able to automatically parallelize applications that are coded in higher-level languages allows developers to experiment and fine-tune more easily.

Project Results


The Diarist Demo shows how the Meeting Diarist can be used to navigate a meeting.

The Meeting Diarist in the News:

Our video-navigation interfaces, the Meeting Diarist and Joke-O-Mat, got coverage when they were demonstrated at an Intel R&D day:

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